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Bitrix24 vs. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most well-known business systems in the world, and especially in the Western market. When choosing this product for many users it is the first part of the name mentioning the world famous brand that is important. But is the Windows creators' work really that good and what can Bitrix24 offer in comparison? Let's sort it out together.

List as Product - Customization of the Document Generator Bitrix24

The document generator in the on-premice Bitrix24 interacts with many Entities, but it’s unable to display information from the Lists. This became a big problem for one of Avivi's clients, as the specifics of business processes were tied up at work with the Lists. Our team created a custom solution that can be useful to many Bitrix24 users with a similar logic

Avivi – A Flexible Approach  to Every Customer

When getting to know Avivi company, as a customer of IT services, it is understandable one would like to learn about our work format and terms. This article was written with this aim in mind. Avivi provides flexibility in interactions with each individual customer in order to ensure the most efficient work, and we will discuss the available options.

How Does the Sales Center in Bitrix24 Assist Buyers and Sellers?

We are used to the fact online trade is conducted through specialized websites, in online stores, or business pages of social networks. What about messenger sales? Bitrix24 has special feature set that allows you to do it quickly, beautifully, and conveniently for both buyers and sellers. All of this is included in Sales Center.

A Fresh Look at Monitoring Project Progress in Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is ideal for project management and monitoring tasks. However, each business is so unique that it is not always possible to implement the required process with regular functionality. But this is not a reason to abandon Bitrix24 — on the contrary, you are able to create your own application and get an additional benefit. This is the focus of our article, and that which may become particularly useful for you.

Solution to On-premise Bitrix24 SMTP Problems

Many users are faced with the problem of sending mail from on-premise Bitrix24, as evidenced by frequent requests sent to support and questions on various forums. In most cases, the reason is the same and has to do with SMTP settings. We figured out the problem and developed a solution.

The Avivi Bitrix24 Application has reached 13,000 downloads. Who wants presents?

By mid-May, Avivi’s Time and Project Reports Application reached 13,000 downloads, indicating strong demand for our solution. Our team is not only proud of the achievement, but also desires to reward users for placing their trust in our product.

Bitrix 24 Episode — The Phantom Structure

Access to employees' information in Bitrix24 is one of its main features. Each Portal user can easily find their coworker in Company Structure and contact them. Sometimes, business owners need to limit the access for privacy or other reasons. Our Company received a few of such requests, and we will tell you about the details of how we handled them.

Enterprises Have Comfortably Streamlined Their Services with Avivi’s CEO Alexey Kovbasiuk Business Acumen

And again, they started talking about our company internationally! This time, a popular resource Goodfirms published its version of an interview with  Avivi`s CEO Alexey Kovbasiuk. 

Save with Bitrix24: luck, specials and cashback

How do you save on business tools and not lose money in the long run? Many entrepreneurs ask themselves this question, especially now, when the world economy is going through some of the hardest times in history. Bitrix24 is a unique product that manages not only to be in the Top-10 of the world, but also continues to be affordable for the widest audience of users. It’s important to be aware of some of its key features to use Bitrix24 to its full capacity. And that’s what this article is about.

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